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Vendor Managed Inventory

We supply the parts you need when you need them

Vendor Managed Inventory, also known as VMI, can save you time, headache and hassle. Too many companies devote an incredible amount of time and energy to maintaining their inventory of supplies. The vendor managed inventory shifts the focus of that work from your company to the vendor. It’s as simple as that.

Think of all the time, energy, and money you’ll save with a simple shift to VMI. It’s an extremely reliable business model. When utilizing our vendor managed inventory systems, you can find peace of mind knowing GTA Industrial Supply will take full responsibility for maintaining an agreed inventory of the materials purchased. Our VMI system maintains your parts and supplies for you to keep your inventory levels where they need to be and maintains your production schedule. We keep your product line moving smoothly.

There are so many benefits to receiving your industrial supplies using a VMI model. We can help you keep your company running smoothly and efficiently, from bandsaws and bandsaw blades to fasteners and abrasives or other industrial supplies. We make sure you have what you need when you need it.

Vendor Managed Inventory Services You Can Count On

When you allow a VMI company, such as GTA Industrial Supply, to handle your supply chain management and logistics, you’ll have a massive weight taken off of your shoulders. Employing vendor managed inventory services you can count on means taking control of your business and increasing your output.

What Is Vendor Managed Inventory?

Vendor managed inventory is a collaborative effort between industrial suppliers and the clients they serve. VMI is a method of doing business that has proven to streamline production and business operations for the many companies that implement it.

Using vendor managed inventory can increase sales and your supply chain’s efficiency while reducing errors and encouraging faster inventory turns. In short, VMI allows you to replenish your stock in real time without thinking about it, and your customers don’t have to wait which means you get paid faster.

How VMI Can Save You Time and Money

Vendor managed inventory programs can save businesses when it comes to ownership costs and employee hiring and training. Overall, VMI decreases the need for humans running company-wide inventory management and inventory data collection. This means you can put your employees where you need them most, instead of asking them to take inventory and place vendor orders painstakingly.

In a VMI program such as GTA Industrial Supply, you’re allowing us to assist in everyday inventory operations, such as labeling, packaging, and storage. You can successfully keep less inventory on hand, free up warehouse space, and even reduce your carbon footprint by combining large orders. Our job is to make your life easier when it comes to having the industrial supplies you need.

Here is a vendor managed inventory example:

The Hallmark company handles the Hallmark cards’ replenishment in the card aisle at Walmart and manages individual store inventory. Essentially, it’s up to Hallmark to know when Walmart is low on a particular card or cards.

We run our VMI program in the same fashion. We just serve a different industry. Our specialty is manufacturing, production, and other industrial facilities. It’s up to us to know when you need a restock, but our job is to keep you properly supplied at all times. We help you avoid downtime.

For example, if you use bandsaws in what you do, we get to know your business and your patterns of use for that specific blade. After you share information with us, we take that data and ensure you always have these blades on hand. When it’s time to replace them, there’s no time spent ordering, maintaining an inventory, or anything else. Simply go get the blade you need and keep working.

Why Use GTA Industrial Supply for Your VMI?

For us, moving into the vendor managed inventory just made sense. We had a wide variety of customers that we got to know really well and simply looked for ways to help them improve their efficiencies and operations. From there, our VMI system was launched.

We get to know your business, learn your needs, and establish an efficient communication and inventory management plan to keep you running as smoothly as possible.

We know that our services are essential to keeping you in business. Our distribution capabilities span a broad range of products, and our staff is always on top of what you need and when you need it. Most of our items qualify for same-day shipping, and we pride ourselves on fast service.

You can always work with the bigger VMI companies, but the reality is that you end up paying for their overhead. We keep our overhead low which means we can afford to take care of our customers at extremely competitive rates. We are innovative and intent on building a relationship.

What Types of Companies Use Vendor Managed Inventory?

Many companies, both large and small, successfully implement VMI business models. From family-owned automobile part supply to giants like Amazon and Target, VMI works for business of every shape and size.

The most common industries that we work with that use VMI systems are manufacturing, metal fabrication, food processing, home improvement stores, automobile supply businesses, and significant nationwide retailers.

Vendor Managed Inventory is popular among some of the most established companies in the world. It will work for you too.

How Does Vendor Managed Inventory Work?

Here’s a bit of insight into how vendor managed inventory operates at GTA Industrial Supply. We will create a symbiotic relationship with our clients, sharing the benefits of managing our clients’ stock to maintain your supply chain properly.

When your business uses us and our VMI business model, we will manage sourcing materials, oversee market trends, manage the shipping process, and deliver to the correct destination and warehouse. All you’ll have to concern yourself with is the delivery date of your supplies, such as stainless fasteners or stainless steel fittings, to its final destination.

VMI advocates for better communication, forecasting, inventory practices, and overall customer service. Based on efficiency and convenience, VMI is often responsible for implementing better business practices as a whole. GTA Industrial Supply is more than happy to be a part of that.

Deciding if VMI is Right for Your Business

The main consideration around considering a VMI system is whether or not it saves time, money, or hassle with inventory management. Remember, we aren’t changing your inventory ownership. We’re only managing it for you. You’ll receive a monthly invoice for services, and we will design a stock plan for your inventory requirements, as well as delivery on an organized schedule.

With our comprehensive management reports, you can’t go wrong. If you’re ready to take the next step in Vendor Managed Inventory for your business, reach out to our knowledgeable, helpful team and GTA Industrial Supply today. We look forward to working with you.

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